Eloisa Protein Porridge

Leader Foods Oy has brought to the Finnish porridge market a new protein-rich Eloisa instant porridge. Eloisa Protein Porridges are packaged in convenient portion sachets – they are easy to carry around and prepare. The new porridge is available in two delicious flavors: Cinnamon-apple and Raspberry. “Eloisa is the long-awaited innovation among our protein-rich foods,” explains founder and CEO of Leader Janne Hakala. “The product stands out from the other portion porridges on the market thanks to much higher protein content”.

Leader has also succeeded in extracting the carbohydrates, especially sugar, as well as fat and salt in the porridge. Otherwise, the nutritional value of Eloisa is equivalent to that of conventional portion porridges. “A sufficient intake of protein supports muscle growth and maintenance throughout life. The importance of one’s protein intake grows as one ages, when the amount of food consumed often reduces, but the need for nutrients and protein increases. “About 72% of Finns eat breakfast regularly, so we wanted to bring to the Finnish market a protein-rich and healthy breakfast in a familiar form,” Hakala says.

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